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''A debut full of atmosphere and awe. Wade gives emotional depth to his dust-covered characters, and creates an image of the American West that is harsh and unforgiving, but -- like All Things Left Wild -- not without hope.'' -- Texas Literary Hall of Fame member, Sarah Bird, Daughter of a Daughter of a Queen

''James Wade has delivered a McCarthy-esque odyssey with an Elmore Leonard ear for dialogue. All Things Left Wild moves like a coyote across this cracked-earth landscape -- relentlessly paced and ambitiously hungry.'' -- Edgar Award Finalist, David Joy, When These Mountains Burn

''A breathtaking debut! In All Things Left Wild, James Wade paints an exquisite portrait of the American West in all its splendor, violence, and mythic power. Messianic outlaws, deadly orphans, and soul-broken poets ride across a landscape both treacherous and beautiful, finding unthinkable viciousness and unfiltered compassion. With a voice reminiscent of Larry McMurtry and Cormac McCarthy, Wade has managed to craft a novel that is both a lyrical pilgrimage and a thrilling, page-turning adventure.'' -- PEN Southwest Book Award Winner, Owen Egerton, Hollow

''As a southerner, the very first sentence wove such a familiar and comforting tapestry, and it never let up. Wade presents rich, flawed, human characters who I feel I know personally even though I’m neither of their time or place. As someone who loves a terrific Western, this book sure did scratch my itch. I hope this book finds its way to Taylor Sheridan because that’s a collaboration I need Hollywood to hop on.'' -- Comedian and author, Corey Ryan Forrester, The Liberal Redneck Manifesto


James Wade's debut novel 


Blackstone Publishing

Available June 16, 2020


After a botched robbery, sixteen-year-old Caleb Bentley is on the run with his mean-spirited older brother across the American Southwest at the turn of the 20th century. Caleb’s moral compass and inner courage will be tested as they travel the harsh terrain and encounter those who have carved out a life there, for good or for ill.

Wealthy and bookish Randall Dawson, out of place in this rugged and violent country, is begrudgingly chasing after the Bentley brothers. With little sense of how to survive, much less how to take his revenge, Randall meets Charlotte, a woman experienced in the deadly ways of life in the West. Together they navigate the murky values of vigilante justice.

Powerful and atmospheric, ALL THINGS LEFT WILD is a coming-of-age for one man, a mid-life odyssey for the other, and an illustration of the violence and corruption prevalent in our fast-expanding country. It artfully sketches the magnificence of the American West as mirrored in the human soul. 

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From Publisher's Weekly | Book Deals: Week of August 6, 2018
Blackstone Nabs Debut for Six Figures

Rick Bleiwiess at Blackstone Publishing shelled out six figures, in a three-book deal, for James Wade’s debut novel, All Things Left WildMark Gottlieb at Trident Media Group handled the world rights agreement, describing the novel as exploring “elements of race, religion, and human nature through a panoply of difficult decisions and deadly encounters during the turn of the 20th century.” Wade won the 2016 Writers’ League of Texas manuscript contest and was a finalist of the 2016 Tethered by Letters short story contest.


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